This enticing loft stems from a space steeped in history, in the old industrial and artisan 20th-century city of Milan.

This place opens to creativity and design.

An authentic “container of ideas”, as well as a visual archive of Tommaso Spinzi’s experiences, passions and artistic/creative path; a young architect, designer and collector who has always been in love with engines and art.

Born in Como, he has recently moved to Milan, the cradle and world capital of design, after a long period spent in New York, Lugano, alongside Gianfranco Rossi, a pupil of Carlo Scarpa, Sydney and Melbourne, where he studied interior design.

After a life of globe-trotting and wandering from continent to continent, Tommaso Spinzi has identified the Lombard capital as his milieu, choosing the city as a place of excellence to boost his creative research, encouraging and welcoming new stimuli and interconnections between design, music and art collecting.

This spectacular and bright space supports his passions and inclinations; an environment where furnishings and objects seem to come to life, simultaneously giving a meaning to the whole project. Now and then, eye-catching elements and charming corners tell their story and give vigour to this “art gallery”.


Flooded with white light due to this dominant shade on the walls and large windows that enclose the environment, this loft covers two levels with kitchen, gallery and studio on the ground floor while the sleeping area is on the mezzanine level.

In this gallery/house, Tommaso collects and gathers historical design pieces that interact with artworks, furniture elements, he designed himself, and selected items. His beloved and fully-functional Porsche 911SC literally stands out.


Behind the gallery area, there is the studio, which is the beating heart of the designer and his team: many of Spinzi Design’s projects started here.

The several international experiences gained over time have influenced his approach to design and planning. Each of his works is unique and tailored to his customers’ requirements. The goal is to be an inspiration, to encourage and to create specially-made environments through his items and styling, in contexts specifically enhanced for their end-users.

In this historic space, he is like a lifestyle creator who built his personal and working environment, adding an incisive and fashionable touch.

Designer Tommaso Spinzi – Styling by Elena Ciccioli – Photography by Michele Biancucci – Written by Alessandra Ferrari

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