The recent makeover of a Veronese notary’s office meets the professional’s requests to create an outstanding working environment: elegant, modern and welcoming as a house.

How many hours do you spend at work every day, compared to the time spent at home?

Nowadays, undoubtedly, a large number of hours, even higher if you have a demanding profession, and you work all day.

The desire to entrust architects Marco Grigoletti and Simone Salvaro, Blocco.18, with the design of a new workplace stems from this concept. An original daily habitat where you work while feeling at home.

The creation of the “home-studio” displayed in these pages revolved around values such as hospitality, functionality and comfort.

The large office is on the ground floor of a building placed in a residential area, far from the chaotic city of Verona. At first glance, it looks like an elegant private house, overlooking a well-kept garden.

The entrance opens onto a welcoming hall, and we can immediately feel the longitudinal development of space, mainly arranged on the sides of a long desk which, combined with a wardrobe, represents the “backbone” of the setting to arrange the different areas.


On one side, the private area with the reception desk and the employees’ workstations; on the other side, a public waiting area and the several rooms to conclude contracts.

These areas – soundproofed and surrounded by partitions with iron and glass structures, are included in an overall view, giving the feeling of a bright open space living area.

The attention to the decor of all areas, set up as modern living rooms, the selection of natural materials, oak in particular, the false ceilings, the finishing touches, the lighting design, and above all, the large open kitchen and the flower arrangements are the elements that most contribute to creating the idea of “home”.


In addition, there are various bathrooms with marble sinks and a master shower, and a sophisticated air conditioning system which, by recycling and sanitizing the air, promotes a continuous and excellent microclimate.

Last but not least, the glamorous touch of the landlady, the linen curtains which, if necessary, for privacy reasons, darken the interior of the negotiation rooms, together with the architects’ great ability to conceal the archives, the large server room and the utility rooms.

Interior design by Blocco.18 Architects: Marco Grigoletti & Simone Salvaro – Photography by Eros Mauroner – Written by Anna Zorzanello


• Forme di luce – Illuminating bodies

corso Milano, 140 – Verona – Phone. 045 8101138

• Modo+ – Furniture supply

via Fontego, 10 – San Pietro in Cariano (Vr) – Phone. 045 6831568

• Brotto Impianti – Plumbing and heating systems and ambient air conditioning

via Binelunghe, 3 – (Bassone craft area) Verona – Phone. 045 8511155

• Pauletti Superfici – Wooden floor, studio paints and resins

Floors, coverings, taps, bathroom fixtures

via Quattro Spade, 18B – Verona – Phone. 045 2080237

• Mirco Ermecini Tappezzeria – Supply / assembly of curtains and motorized blinds

via Firenze, 19/A – Arbizzano di Negrar (Vr) – Phone. 349 0067156

• Vieffe – Electrical and video surveillance systems, installation of lighting fixtures

via Vicolo Po, 17 – Valeggio s/M (Vr) – Phone. 045 7951278

• Valteco – Building works, finishes, false ceilings, soundproofing, arrangement of outdoor areas

via Tegnente, 6 – Pescantina (Vr) – Phone. 045 7500779

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