Sabine Marcelis has turned a former warehouse space into her abode, therefore creating a surprising place.

She is known for her meticulous and innovative experimentation on materials and for their transformation processes.

A vast regular surface, completely without partition walls and equipped with large openings on two opposite sides, results in a terrace protected by barriers that manage solar radiation and give great privacy. Through unusual solutions that use ceiling curtains to separate areas, a perfect day-to-day space was set up, suitable for parties, photoshoots and social moments too.

The enhancement of essential and highly-tactile surfaces turn the structure into a scenographic backdrop that Sabine created with great audacity.

White walls with exposed bricks and resin floor done with spatulas, bright thanks to a dynamic natural light seeping in through the large sliding windows.

Thanks to her personal experience and the habit of collaborating and dialoguing with multiple figures in the design industry, the result is a combination of theory and pragmatic aspects able to make the living surface something indefinite. An exhibition space, where each element has its own identity that, combined with the surrounding ones, creates an evocative environment for the soul but also a functional location for the body.

That explains the large bookcase, with light shapes and empty spaces, almost “naked” and available to welcome the knowledge contained in books, as well as the art from a sculpture or music melodies. Great sinuosity in the seats that gather different materials such as bright fabrics, shiny chromed metal, leather, wood and a three-dimensional metal mesh.


The bedroom is surprising: an elegant sliding ceiling curtain, able to change itself according to different moments and needs, separates the bed in the heart of the space from the living room. A private and intimate place to rest; a distinguishing feature of this unconventional living space.

Photography and styling by Michele Biancucci and Chiara Virgili – Interior design by Sabine Marcelis – Text by architect Roberto Poli

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