On the top floor of an important period villa, the attic has been recovered and turned into a charming flat.

Perfect for two, indeed for three! In addition to the young couple of owners, both doctors, alsoRomeo the cat lives comfortably here, friendly wandering and at ease among the various environments, marked by a modern and captivating style, kissed by natural light and painted with vivid colours, works of art and design furniture.

This project was signed by architect Filippo Coltro. Thanks to his creative flair, he was able to balance the customers’ wishes, the style and the eye-catching beauty, without disappointing the expectations of comfort.

Sparkling and never trivial, this project is already captivating and enveloping at the entrance, with an open space that characterizes the living room, where each functional area is well identified.

In the living, the suggestive blue sofa competes with the kitchen, where the yellow table is the star of the house.

Based on the architect’s design, it calls to mind the old tables, in this instance lacquered in yellow and built by a local craftsman. It adds joy and personality to the whole living room area.

A sliding glass door gently separates the studio area, which constitutes a spatial unicum with the rest of the living area and an additional relaxation corner. Here, you can read a book comfortably relaxed on the large sofa bedwhilst enjoying the view on the park of the villa, through the round porthole.

The interior design plays on the contrast between the rustic surface of the oak parquet floor that covers the entire house and the modern furniture, characterized by the use of strong colours and walls covered with optical-effect glass fibre.


From the living room – through a large sliding window that infuses light and increases the feeling of space –, you enter theterrace, which overlooks the park of the villa.

Throughout the house, the architect placed the most beautiful names of Italian furniture: from the sofas by Bonaldo to the lights by Flos and Viabizzuno, up to the wall-mounted kitchen byLago.

The wooden floorand the several objects created by skilled local artisans make the house warmer and even more intimate.


“Each space has its personality, delighted by the bright colours of the living area, by the blue wallacting as a headboard, and by the large sofa in the dormer of the studio.

Each solution is the result of a stimulating game of balances, in order to meet the needs of the customers, who wanted to give a precise identity to the house: a meticulous tailor-made work to optimize every corner with elegance and character” concludesFilippo Coltro, who created with passion the interiors of this modern and delightful flat in Padua.

Interior design by architect Filippo Coltro - Photography by Mattia Aquila - Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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