The scent of the lake reaches the interiors of this flat in the ancient heart of Salò. It shapes the style of the furniture, which calls to mind the colours and fluidity of water, using lines and several hues.

Prospektiv signs the renovation of a portion of a terraced house, framed by the alleys in the centre of Salò. In order to give the abode a style appropriate to the landscape context – even if the view does not allow you to see the lake directly –, the Prospektiv team, in harmony with the customers, put themselves inside an imaginary “fisherman’s house”, to bring lines and lake atmospheres inside, and perfectly fit the surrounding environment.

Leaving the lake behind and walking through the narrow streets of the centre, we reach this abode, where we are welcomed by the warmth of enveloping modernity, underlined in the various areas, all smoothly interconnected.

Enclosed and small rooms have been turned into bright and sliding areas, easy to use and aesthetically delightful.

A modern free-standing metal staircasedraws an elegant and light line and acts as a link between the floors. It boasts a steel parapet that calls to mind the one placed on the hulls of the boats moored in the port.

The living room combines the classic taste of the customers with a mix of design elements, such as the Rimadesio sideboard. The vintage walnut armchairs – reclaimed and upholstered with new green and lilac velvet fabrics – bring to mind the colours of the lake and the blooms on its shores.

What used to be a simple kitchenette has been turned into a functional and performing kitchen, even if the spaces did not seem to allow it. Here, several elements stand out: Ceppo di Gré® – natural stone in a blue-grey shade –, the columns in brushed aged oak wood in the same hues, and the bases finished with tactile wax-coloured lacquer.

These combinations are reminiscent of the gravel of lake beaches, where the local fishermen moor their boats.


Upstairs, the sleeping area boasts Rimadesio doors, which divide the rooms without obstructing, preserving the depth and the game of reflections given by glass.

Here too, using imagination, these doors remind us of the panels mounted in the nearby lemon houses to grow the plants during the winter period.

Walking up the staircase to the top floor, we face a wardrobe covered with pastel-coloured wallpaper that camouflages the image of two carp that float freely.

A sailor ladder placed in front of the wardrobe allows the little ones to use a small mezzanine level with a bedroom, to enjoy the stars through the skylights of the roof.


The bathroom is in line with the mood of the whole abode, boasting the same oak wood used for the floors of all the interconnected rooms, together with the wavy lines of Botticino pebbles, which mark the covering of the sink and shower area.

And here too, we find natural materials that make the house match with nature on the doorstep!

Interior design by Prospektiv - Photography by Eros Mauroner - Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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