Evolution of the spieces. Open spaces for a single environment with various features.

Arcadia Yachts unveils its second Sherpa XL, equipped with one of the Italian shipyard’s distinguishing elements, such as closed volumes in the bow, which allow the shipowner and the guests to enjoy convertible spaces.

Unlike many other yachts with a traditional layout with several, small and separate areas, Arcadia boasts a single area, where the various features are always interconnected, to ensure full conviviality to guests.

This yacht boasts two IPS 1350 engines. The estimated fuel range is over 1,000 miles at 12 knots.


The large open spaces stand out on this 24-m yacht, where the full-height windows, the design elements in the topsides and the innovative glass panels result in an imperceptible line between indoor and outdoor. On the contrary, closed spaces dissolve and are absorbed by the surrounding natural environment.

The latest addition to the Arcadia Yachts family boasts other innovative elements.
Together with Hot Lab – a Milan-based design firm –, the shipyard developed a new layout for the galley and worked on the crew area, materials and wood essences.

The Arcadia Sherpa XL features an adjustable layout, in order to meet the needs of different shipowners. In this second unit, the shipyard opted for a closed galley which, however, does not result in the winter garden being any less comfortable.

The new sky lounge on Sherpa XL has been further enhanced by the selection of new materials.


The parquet in colonial oak wood and the Alpi Light grey Oak chosen for furnishings are perfect materials that increase the perception of spaces.

Moreover, this feeling is increased by the natural light that seeps in through the technological winter garden with solar panels on the roof, a feature shared by all Arcadia models. Solar panels allow reducing the use of generators, so the sounds of nature can be better appreciated when at anchor.

The extensive use of cutting-edge glass panels with considerable thermal insulation is further proof of the shipyard’s commitment to embrace its environmentalfriendly values. On the lower deck, the master cabin merges with the en-suite. This area is large, open and full of light, partly thanks to panoramic windows that align with the waterline. The VIP cabin in the bow successfully broadens the spatial perception too. There are also two guest cabins with twin beds and en-suites.

Emanuele Donald Zenoni

Emanuele Donald Zenoni

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