By reinterpreting the past, FAR Arreda enhances the memories and the contemporary beauty of a flat in Brescia.

A young couple entrusted the interior designers of FAR Arreda with the restyling of a dwelling, on the second floor of a historic building in the city centre.

Access to the floor is via a large and typical 1950s staircase: a wrought iron handrail and a decorated grit flooring are the memories of a past which, combined with the cascading chandelier, relive the present and lead us towards the contemporary interiors.

Once you cross the threshold, absolute modernity shows up and the gaze expands into the living area, left intentionally airy and open. The doors and the partition walls of the open space are minimal, created as furnishing elements or as light decorative backdrops.

Examples include the vertical black panels of the living room which, if necessary, separate the studio area, the full-height iron and glass door of the guest bathroom, and the raw-effect resin wall that visually separates the dining area and the kitchen area. This wall is rough and highly tactile: on the one hand, it enhances the area of conviviality, like an abstract painting in contrast with the smooth surface of the table; on the other, it supports the kitchen with clean and essential lines.

The dividing element thus becomes an integral part of the kitchen composition, built as a set of pure volumes. The suspended black end contrasts with the vertical thrust that dominates the environment.


The ceilings are high, with structures left exposed. The alternation between the more classic elements – such as the wooden trusses and the reclaimed capital beam – and those closest to the industrial style – the iron T-beam in the living room – is very effective.

The choice of lights calls to mind a more industrial and contemporary style too; very technical, with the track lighting and the spotlights that illuminate the passages and the working areas. Iconic and design elements, such as floor and table lamps, emphasize the architectural views and the art pieces.

In a refined mix of warm and cold shades of grey, the minimal furnishings of the living room match with the resin floor, creating a peaceful and relaxing environment, overlooking the large terrace.


The corridor leading to the sleeping area has a more classic taste, with original Liberty-styledouble doors.

Here, the master bedroom brings back the essentiality of the house: the low bed in the middle of the room, a picture on the floor, a design lamp and a carpet. Everything results in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, as well as very bright.

Lastly, in a secluded position, the walk-in closet boasts large wardrobes with glass doors, with double access from the corridor and the master bedroom.

Interior design by FAR Arreda - Photography by Celeste Cima - Written by Anna Zorzanello


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