The modern and essential lines of this abode stand out in the lake landscape, giving emotions.

The modern and bold lines of this villa stand out on the Lombard shore of Lake Garda. This abode does not go unnoticed, thanks to its architectural beauty, a delightful interior, terraces, and green oases reflected in the infinity pool.

Architect Monica Vezzola managed this project: she started from an existing portion of the house,adding a generous extension that made it a habitat with every kind of comfort, perfectly communicating with the outside and with the context that surrounds it, that is to say, a natural setting framed by water and hills.

A magnificent lake view spreads emotions from the living area, located above ground, which also overlooks the swimming pool placed a few steps away, flanked by the staircase in Travertine slabs that connects the entrance.

The full-height windows let the outside enter the house, with its changing colours, breaking the boundaries and giving a feeling of continuity and lightness. The living room is an open space with a modern character, in perfect harmony with the whole project.

The furniture was provided by Casa & Giardino_Design and its staff, which managed the interior project, from the materials to the colours that identify the living path, which follows a criterion of elegance and comfort, making each area performing and aesthetically beautiful.


From the living room, with a large modern sofa facing the TV, to the technological kitchen with a peninsula and cooking area that can be hidden behind the doors of the columns, which create highly elegant effects thanks to the plays of different materials.

Opening onto the dining area, the kitchen allows preparing food in a convivial environment, as suggested by the latest dictates of fashion; in fact, the dining room with the light lines of the Cattelan table opens perpendicularly to the snack counter in a perfect combination of style and materials.

The wall covered with a bright and iridescent wallpaperdistinguishes the kitchen, enhancing the sophistication of this technical area.

The windows that overlook the garden have no visible frames and disappear into the masonry work, enhancing the minimal appearance of the finishesthat customize this abode.


Thesleeping area is located in the basement, proposing once again the refined and enveloping style enjoyed in the living area.

The master bedroom is essentially furnished with a Lago bed that looks like is hanging. This room has a large window and an en-suite, with a bathtub resting against the background of a wall covered with very modern wallpaper.

Enchanting and enveloping, the whole project fully satisfies the needs of the owners, giving a touch of fascinating modernity, between the scent of the lake and the nature that surrounds it.

Design by Studio d’Architettura Monica Vezzola - Furnishing project and advice by Casa&Giardino_Design - Photography by Michela Melotti - Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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