Customization is guaranteed when the natural beauty of the coverings becomes the leitmotif to create the style of a house.

A classic town house, a flat with a large terrace overlooking the urban skyline as if it were a painting with colours that change according to the weather and the seasons.

This is a whole renovation with a classic style, modernized in terms of technology, colours and lines.

It develops on two levels with the living area on the fourth floor of the buil-ding, together with the living room, the kitchen, the study and two bathrooms. On the floor below, we find the bedrooms with three bathrooms and the laundry room.

Basically, it covers several square meters for a residential path, marked by a chromatic delicacy that is mainly noticeable in the flooring. It harmonizes the whole surface of the living area, that is to say, polished Statuary marble in large size which, with its veins, calls to mind the gentle movement of water.

A remarkable and interesting touch was added by Derada which – in harmony with the customer’s choice – has artfully coated the house, marking it with different natural materials, from the mosaics that adorn the bathrooms to the wood that makes the entire sleeping area velvety.

The whole project was based on the selection of coverings and their potential – both aesthetic and practical –, perfectly matching the colours and the elegance of the furni-shings, designed and supplied by Spazio & Forma, as well as lighting fixtures and curtains.

The living room boasts comfortable sofas in front of the TV area, highlighted by a wooden panelling with a suspen-ded piece of furniture; the dining room borders the modern kitchen, divided only by the transparency of a glass door.

The staircase protection is made of glass too, to let the gaze wander, enjoying the view of the surrounding areas where the flooring and the steps stand out for their brightness.


In the summer, you can benefit from the large terrace which becomes an additional relaxation space, standardized by an elegant concrete-effect porcelain stoneware flooring, perfect for the outdoors.

On the floor below, there is the sleeping area, muffled by a floor in oak slats stained in a customized shade. This parquet makes walking softer and more velvety. It is interrupted only in the three bathrooms, where there are beautiful mosaic scenarios that make the rooms very suggestive.


We often tend to underestimate the importance of the coverings that define a house, without considering that even “what we step on” or “what covers the walls” is essential, not only practically but also stylistically. This results in a better arrangement of furniture and accessories, making everything more harmonious and balanced.

Photography by Michela Melotti – Written by Alessandra Ferrari


• Derada – floor & coating

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