The lines of this villa stand out neat and precise; the interior design has defined a timeless mood between classicism and modernity, which ensures maximum comfort.

The air of the lake blows on the concrete textures of this majestic villa in Sarnico, where the lake atmosphere and the landscape form the background, framing a style devoted to classic, but also remarkably embellished with modern and hi-tech features.

Architect Mirko Varischi’s signature is immediately noticeable in the meticulous care. One of his characteristic traits is to reach every corner of the house, not only through a balanced décor but also and above all thanks to customized elements, which follow the spatial lines like a dress follows a silhouette.

The same goes for the colour selection, for the lights and for all those accessories that characterize and distinguish one home from another. The owners – a young couple with children – needed large, airy, welcoming and bright rooms, softened by furnishings that cover the surface in a full but well-organized way, where technology – albeit camouflaged – greatly helps the residents.

The large open space overlooks the garden through the windows where, as a filter between indoor and outdoor, there is a sort of elegant and perfectly furnished veranda, reflected in the blue water of the pool.


The whole living room has a chromatically neutral backdrop, mostly white with warmer but always delicate accents. The soft and enveloping relaxation area boasts plenty of sofas and armchairs. In order not to lose the “fluffy effect”, instead of a classic coffee table, there are two large quilted leather ottomans, placed on the sand-coloured textures of the modern carpet. Next to the living room, but sheltered to perfection, the dining area enjoys the light and the view, thanks to the large table with armchairs located in front of the windows.

Always open, but with a completely dedicated space, the technological and modern kitchen boasts a tailor-made touch of elegance that makes it beautiful to the eye, as well as functional and performing. The round table – matching the shape of the chandelier – completes the kitchen and results in a ready-to-use dining area.

Going up the stairs – boasting a modern and light design –, you reach the first floor where a gallery overlooks the living room, protected by a glass barrier that increases the sense of space between the two floors.


In the master bedroom – as in the en-suite –, you can see the same chromatic coherence and style already tasted throughout the house. Delicacy and classic elegance are a simple combination that embeds great design skills, making a habitat always seductive and current.

Interior design by architect Mirko Varischi – Photography by Michela Melotti – Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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