A prefabricated villa shows its modern soul, inside and outside, in a partnership of ecosustainability, charm and character.

A modern house is not simply a recentlybuilt house, with a current style and a décor that follows the latest fashion, but it is much more.

It is a concept that takes into account other parameters, such as the ecological aspects and the very low impact on the environment, factors that, if concretized, make a difference.

The abode displayed in this article takes these aspects into account, turning them into a whole living philosophy, capable of guaranteeing a healthy lifestyle as well as a trendy aesthetic appearance.

We are talking about a prefabricated wooden house created by RUBNER HAUS – a company from Alto Adige –, which fully respects sustainability, boasting the highest production and technological standards to meet its residents’ needs every day. In addition to the systems, however, the customization must arrive on time, created by experts able to understand the customers’ needs and wishes, to better advise them.

The Cariolato Arredamenti team managed these operations and skilfully followed the realization in every nuance, making it amazing throughout the living path. Let’s start from the entrance, marked by a well-defined false ceiling that allowed the creation of an enveloping and contained line, complemented by custom-made wardrobes.

Then, we reach the living area where the bright volume opens up, boasting a high wooden ceiling that surrounds the entire room. In front of the comfortable icecoloured sofa, we find modern wainscoting boasting colours that contrast with the walls, with a built-in TV that calls to mind a painting.


Above the cabinet, a stonecoloured glossy lacquered shelf cuts the wall horizontally, crossing through a vertical window in order to give depth and call to mind the bright chandelier silhouette, which emphasizes the table.

Furthermore, the kitchen is slightly detached from the living area for privacy reasons, and the false ceiling surrounds this area too, illuminating it with recessed spotlights. The concept of horizontal lines strikes back, driven by the ribbon window over the peninsula, with a cantilevered table in oak wood and floor-toceiling columns.


In the master bedroom, the sloping roof accentuates the enveloping and intimate effect of the location; a relaxing and scenographic environment opens up, thanks to the modern wallpaper with trompe-l’oeil effect on the background of the bed.

Everywhere, we can breathe a feeling of exquisite elegance, order and precision, where every detail strengthens the character and the style of this abode.

Interior design by Cariolato Arredamenti – Photography by Alessandra Dosselli – Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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