This abode boasts a breath-taking view, placed in the heart of a hill in the province of Vicenza.

To bring light into these areas, Studio Architetto Fattori managed the operations and used a patio carved into the rock together with a longitudinal cut on the roof. As a result, it managed to control the solar radiation from the south, while integrating it with natural light from the large north-west window.

The building first disappears among the green slopes, then it emerges with the horizontal open space overlooking the valley, all in a balance of pure shapes perfectly matching the natural context that welcomes them.

The surprise effect: whoever approaches the abode by climbing the hill, first finds a compact stone front to mark the carriedout interventions; then, once crossed the threshold, one is pervaded by the infinite space, forgetting the architecture that becomes an addition to nature.

Two large wings include all the living areas and overlook the surrounding landscape: the sitting room with the dining room and the kitchen counter are inside the container and face the horizon, while the sleeping area belongs to the most compact volume, which rises higher toward the valley.

Furnishings do not need walls, which partly turn into glass and scenery flats, leading the gaze in different directions: towards the sky, the interior and the surrounding nature.


The design pieces added by Studio Architetto Fattori move freely between the COR-TEN steel columns and the natural oak used for the horizontal surfaces. The Nemo armchair by Driade, the golden table by Gubi, the accessories by Gervasoni and the Mohebban rug stand out among all elements.

What to say when you have the chance to confront yourself with a natural environment of such particular beauty! The studio aimed at embedding the building into the context by exploiting the sedimented layers of the hill, a sort of new layer that shows the human need to control nature while respecting its laws and supremacy.


Architect Giovanni Fattori – who managed the project – reported: “First, these operations stem from a reading of the context: the orientation, the viewpoints and the lay of the land. In fact, before thinking about the functions, you need to tune in with the space. When I suggested to my customers that it was possible to create an underground house by using the hill as a roof, there was a brief moment of silence; then, it became obvious that the location sets the rules of the project, so the adventure began.

Now, my customers love sending me shots taken during the different hours of the day and the changing seasons. I really think that nature welcomed what we achieved, turning it into an integral part of the landscape!”.

Project by architect Giovanni Fattori – Photography by Luca Girardini


• Studio Architect Fattori Project with Ottagono Hub

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