Natural suggestions together with classic and contemporary inspirations resulted in this accurate interior design by Cariolato Arredamenti.

We are in Arzignano, in a renovated historic house whose interior design has been managed in every detail by Cariolato Arredamenti: from the furnishings to the lighting, from the false ceilings to the choice of materials.

The interior designer explained: “The project stems from the landlady’s need to recover a cherry tree that she wanted to use. With this, we have created the dining table, one of the main elements of the house.”

The search for natural materials is the leitmotif of this project, as can be seen from several aspects: the stone wall behind the dining table, the naturallyaged leather used for the armchair near the fireplace and the warm tones that call to mind the colours of the land. They are all highly-tactile elements with a strong personality, balanced by the equipped walls and marked by clean and essential lines.

The fireplace project goes in the same direction: a custom-made element by Cariolato’s interior designers, created so that it could be used for cooking.

The long natural stone top was designed as a work surface, and the upper shelf was made from the same wood as the table.

The other star is undoubtedly the kitchen, designed and equipped to fulfil all the wishes of the owner. Its strengths are all the appliances such as the multifunction oven with steam cooking, the blast chiller and the wine cellar, and the pantrycolumn, without neglecting the island with the induction hob and integrated ducted suction system.


Attention and care have also been paid to the choice of lighting elements: the LED spotlights and the lamps create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the modern furniture with classic touches, the wall decorations with wallpaper and the wraparound drop curtains in all rooms.

The bathroom adjacent to the living area is covered in marble-effect stoneware, boasting a neoclassical touch.


Sweet and welcoming colours can be finally found in the sleeping area: the warm oak floor is the natural skin of the whole house.

In the master bedroom, a bed with a high padded headboard is embellished with gold-coloured details, and a custommade floating makeup vanity console gives lightness to the surrounding area.

Interior design by Cariolato Arredamenti Photography by Michela Melotti Written by Maria Zanolli


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