The creative team of Turra arredamenti signs this interior design project, making the most of modernity and mountain tradition.

It overlooks the skyline of the mountains and enjoys the beauties of a changing landscape that in every season grants evocative sceneries and natural wonders: a real physical and mental regeneration.

All requirements and advantages are also replicated within this house, which enjoys the beneficial influences of the location where it stands, wrapped every day in a modern atmosphere that does not forget its origins as a mountain home.

The creative team of Turra Arredamenti completely revamped the interiors, which were obsolete and not very functional, thus perfectly matching the external beauty. The result is character and charm in every environment and a lot of comfort to its residents.

The difference between the before and after conditions is remarkable, especially with regard to the efficiency of the systems, the renewal of the windows and the optimization of volumes, now conceived in an open-space living room, illuminated by large windows that allow you to admire the landscape while sitting comfortably on the sofa, having lunch, or immersed in the bathtub.

The warm and enveloping colours give the house its alpine identity back, through the parquet, the wainscoting that covers portions of the walls, and the bleached beams that emphasize the pitched roof in the sleeping area. Particularly chic and modern furnishings characterize the whole new mood, distributed over two floors, conveniently served by a lift.


Now it is easy to contemplate the living room framed by the vintage carpet, the cosy sofa, and the delicate round tables that communicate with natural elegance with the technological kitchen. The kitchen is marked by soaring and clean lines, together with innovative materials, achieved using Fenix® a nd porcelain stoneware, which boast significant advantages.

The large rectangular table, with matching chairs, is highlighted by the rectangular suspension element in painted sheet metal with LED lights.

A short ride by Alift and the sleeping area opens up, boasting its colours that become even warmer, its materials more and more enveloping and its softer lights, which invite you to relax.


In the two double bedrooms, wood becomes the star with its velvety essence but in two different ways. In the master bedroom, a wooden cladding rises from the floor, turns into the headboard and expands into the ceiling, making the room look like a treasure chest. In the second bedroom, the pitched roof with whitewashed beams acts as a recess, making everything even more welcoming.

The bathtub next to the bed, overlooking the window, gives a touch of further glamour and the pleasure of enjoying a splendid Alpine landscape.

Interior design by Turra Arredamenti - Photography by Michela Melotti - Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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