The house is not only seen as hearth but also as a precious container where important family objects, art, and design pieces can live and coexist.

In In NYC, a few steps from Park Avenue, this two-storey flat – covering 360 square meters – is comparable to a jewellery box for Veronique Mazard and her husband Andrew Vogel, where they can enjoy their art as well as significant pieces handed down from generation to generation.

Veronique Mazard was born in France and for years, her mother and grandfather have been the creative geniuses of the famous jewellery brand Jean Mahie, known and appreciated with exclusive windows and spaces in the most important shops in the world.

The architects Chris Stone and David Fox – STONEFOX, an architecture and design firm in NYC – were commissioned by this young couple with two children to redesign the flat, which already had well-proportioned rooms but needed a “refresher”.

Among the requests, Andrew Vogel was focused on achieving luxurious finishes, colours, and textures. Furthermore, the project had to reflect their tastes and their lifestyle.

The STONEFOX architecture and design firm specializes in working with families who have large collections of art; with these premises, the results were already guaranteed from the start. As requested, great attention has been paid to materials and details.


A perfect example is the partition between the living room and the dining room: the custom-made wainscoting is in mahogany and the doors have mother-of-pearl inlays;

the same goes for the office upstairs, boasting ebonized wood with inlaid panels in suede. The candlesticks on the fireplace by Hervé van der Straeten, the chairs by Vladimir Kagan, the five lamps by Felix Agostini, and the countless works of art are just a few of the details that caught the attention of a well-educated and prepared eye.

For Veronique and Andrew – who love art and sharing beautiful things –, working with the architects Chris Stone and David Fox was a great satisfaction.


The professionalism and the attention dedicated to each environment truly fulfilled the customers’ initial requests.

Concluding a project is always a long process that requires knowledge, energy, and patience in research and study.

When you start from an idea – or rather a design of the project on paper –, and then you see it completed and materialized, all the time devoted to it is your greatest satisfaction.

Makeover by architects Chris Stone & David Fox (STONEFOX Architects) - Photography by Gianni Franchellucci - Written by Robert Paulo Prall

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