We are in the middle of a vision, one step away from heaven and history; surrounded by baroque palaces whose windows allow a glimpse of opulent curtains made of velvets and silks.

A contemporary and metropolitan urban oasis, beautiful to look at and easy to live in… Architects and designers have always promoted great outdoor and indoorchanges, in the private and public sectors. When Rome called Massimiliano Fuksas to create his “Cloud”, we received his message loud and clear!

Then, with the massive turnout at Roma Arte in Nuvola, the first edition of a Contemporary Art Fair worthy of a capital city, we set foot in the future.

Now, crossing the threshold of this irresistible Capitoline house, we can say that the miracle is taking place!

By working shoulder to shoulder with her customers, who have now become a family, Rosaria di Donato – of Stuarr Interiors – has masterfully played three aces up her sleeve: art, vintage and design, creating the perfect container for them.

Cheerful, young and creative, this penthouse full of pop and style starts from the gas station, an authentic 1960s petrol pump that ironically welcomes us at the entrance.

The heart of the house is marked by a large tempered glass opening that cuts the ceiling, merging the lower floor with the upper floor, in a sort of convivial continuity. Once the large windows are open, natural light invades everything and everyone, so much so that the outside and the inside blend.

This allowed the interior designer to colour the walls using tailored shades, ranging from lead grey to petrol, passing through black.

As for the walls, in this context it would be more correct to define them as furnishing accessories, modules, or containers: almost everywhere but in the sleeping area, they do not reach the ceiling, playing the role of a partition wall.


This space in Rome could be trivially defined as a loft, if it were not for the real totems that delimit the rooms.

Furniture and upholstery were sewn on for each solution by Stuarr Interiors, which historically represents the best and most avant-garde furniture brands in Rome.

“It was meticulous and quirky work, but beautiful! I was able to express my concept of design at the highest levels by bringing the most glamorous Italian brands here,” the designer told us.

The list would be very long. I can mention Cassina, Cappellini, Baxter, Rimadesio for the walk-in wardrobes, and Zanotta for the beds. Modulnova has created an ingenious custom-made kitchen, based on my design, boasting every comfort but enclosed in three elegant cubic volumes that overlook the dining room,” said the owner.


Objects of considerable importance adorn the house, since they represent its personality. The owners told me that they are both lovers of beauty, eager to sacrifice the practical side for aesthetics.

A house is never finished as long as it feeds on passions and travels. Paintings and objects can still characterize it, just as a piece of furniture can be replaced. Only Artù, their four-legged masterpiece, is irreplaceable. For decades, in the guidelines of the Roman houses, the keyword has been “preservation”.

So, are we facing a young couple who went to the wrong city, or hasRome finally woken up?

Interior designer: Rosaria Di Donato (Stuarr Interiors) - Photography by Marinella Paolini - Written by Biba Mogherini Scarfagna

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