A lively house, a temple of beauty and harmony, a container of emotions that accompany everyday life.

The terms “house” and “home” have several meanings that evoke various scenarios: volumes, walls, spaces, furniture, colours, but also scents, warmth, hugs… And a lot of other vibrant and deep feelings, which touch the chords of our soul, making us love or hate a space.

Even in the English language, there are two words to describe an abode: “house” and “home”. The first indicates a building to live in, something tangible; the other refers to the intimate family environment, an emotional feeling that involves those who live there.

Some houses have different stories, they change, they disguise themselves, they dress and undress according to the mood of their residents, and despite everything, they never lose their personality.

This is actually a lively house: it was created in the late 1980s and has always been inhabited by a couple of entrepreneurs, in love with the short time they spend within its walls. It is warm and full of character, devoid of banality and careful to balance charm and comfort, to respect and guarantee the concept of home every time the residents come back home. This makeover was signed by the interior designer Graziella Biagetti, who told us with great passion how this particular mood was reached:

“The pleasure of living and greeting friends in environments that are renewed more or less every ten years has made the owners a curious couple, attentive to design, sensitive to contaminations and the history of small things.


Over the years, I have always planned and participated in the various works, together with them. I could make a long list of world-famous objects or moments in which a colour or shape caused a change of direction, thus abandoning the original idea.

Designing without preconceived ideas, without constraints or without being afraid of time is an extraordinary game: we move, we transform spaces, and we change the way we live them.

Here’s what I mean by “transformation”: the sofa by Fabien Baron produced at the time by Cappellini shows its third “dress”, this time it wears Sahco, a crock-coloured silk velvet. Real designis made to last, not to be forgotten and never to be abandoned.

The great Dino Gavina, when I was a child, used to tell me that first we place objects, and then we build a house around them. I learnt from him that the harmony of the things we use to live often leads us to a good mood: in short, beauty gives happiness.


The craftsmanship, the historical pieces of design, the fabrics, the papers together with the tablecloths, the plates and the glasses are a continuous dance, which leads to the pleasure of experiencing the most beautiful emotions in the intimacy of home.

In recent years, we have been tragically locked in our abodes; a lot of people – who lived their home as a dressing room, only useful for changing clothes and then going out – had to change their minds.

The emotional value of a pleasant space that induces serenity is a substantial element for the quality of life. Finally, houses are back at the centre of our life: guardians of sorrows, pleasures, love, and the passage of time, faithful and silent friends who give and receive joy.”

Interior design by Graziella Biagetti - Photography by Michele Biancucci - Written by Alessandra Ferrari

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