Chromatic harmonies and intimate atmospheres match in a dwelling on the hills of Bergamo. An elegant combination for the pleasure of taking shelter in customized and everyday spaces.

This close design collaboration – which involved the young owners of a recently-built property and the interior designers of Bonomelli Arredamenti – led to the construction of an elegant house overlooking Val Cavallina, fully meeting the customers’ needs.

Privacy and modern compositions with clean lines and delicate colours have been the keystone for the creation of well-organized and well-distributed areas.

The abode covers two levels, coordinated and consistent not only for the extensive use of oak parquet but also for porcelain stoneware and for the chromatic combination of white surfaces and darker furnishings. Behind the design, there is meticulous attention concerning both compositional solutions and lighting effects, obtained with LED bars.

The living area on the lower floor is a bright open space where the visual division between the living room, the sitting room and the kitchen stems from the protruding central volume, which houses the fireplace in the dining area and three recesses on the side of the living room.


On the opposite side, the vertical element made of drawn metal covered with Canaletto walnut partly hides and partly enhances the staircase and the basement. From the kitchen, the view is wide and continuous, and the furnishings are neatly placed side by side.

Upstairs, the master bedroom matches the silhouette of the attic ceiling: the wardrobe doors follow the profile of the walls, while the door that opens onto the walk-in closet “disappears”, perfectly blending in with the wall behind the bed, covered with slatted wallpaper.


The master suite is complemented by an en-suite, embellished with glossy coating and a dominant oval bathtub. A refined style pervades the guest bedroom too, decorated with dark wallpaper, calling to mind the grey tones of the nearby bathroom.

Overall, the dwelling speaks clearly: here, privacy cannot but be fully respected and beloved.

Interior design by Bonomelli Arredamenti - Photography by Melotti - Written by Anna Zorzanello


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