A new style and a new atmosphere for this 1960s house; the makeover has highlighted the beauty of a modern and dynamic style.

A few hundred meters from the centre of Cesena, there is this 1960s villa, recently restored according to more modern and efficient standards, to reveal lively and welcoming atmospheres, enriched by the light and the minimal lines of a decor that defines all the areas with elegance and precision. The result is signed by architect Anna Iuliano, who carried out the whole project and managed all aspects: from the architectural design to the selection of materials and colours, from the interior design to the selection of every single piece of furniture and accessories.

An important job that fully satisfied the customers, who since the beginning had clear ideas about their everyday spaces.

Their wish was a minimal but not cold, featureless house built with natural materials, complemented with some pieces that call to mind the family history, and the grandparents who had built and lived in the house.

They basically dreamed of a house with a strong identity.

Furthermore, the input was clear and architect Iuliano specified: “I love giving spaces a specific identity: each house must become a unique place, with character and personality. Above all, it must excite and strike, not for a single detail but for the whole.

People have their own taste and their dream home; I do not try to turn my customers’ ideas upside-down but to bring them closer to harmony and cleanliness, in line with values such as balance and coherence, avoiding any dissonance. In this case, I designed a well-structured space, made of lines and different heights. The overall result gives a sense of harmony, timeless elegance and formal cleanliness: a contemporary space.”


The main goal of the project was to dispel the notion of room, in favour of the concept of environment, achieving a consistent spatial continuum with larger intimate volumes. The main design elements in the mood board were: antique oak and natural iron with graphite, cognac and total white tones.

The living room is marked by a large sculpture table by Desalto, and a chandelier by Luceplan floating above it, with a strong decorative and emotional impact.

The background is the ceilinghanging Airport bookcase by Cattelan Italia, spectacular and versatile with graphite-painted wood shelves. To increase its intensity, the wall boasts the same tone, as if it were a painting within a painting. The large living area – between inside and outside – is defined by a large sofa in natural textured linen by Désirée, placed on a spectacular carpet.


In front of the staircase, the large window opens onto the kitchen and the large outdoor garden.

In this space, indoor and outdoor merge; the equipped storage walls in white nuances of the kitchen lead the gaze outside the window, without any distraction. The sleeping area offers the same elegant, formal and clean atmosphere with an optical touch for the master bathroom.

Interior design project by architect Anna Iuliano – Photography by Luca Brunelli – Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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