A New York-style abode overlooking the rooftops: the mirror and the soul of those who cherish their goals, loving details and the beauty of essentiality.

When you know exactly what “home” means to you, the selection of the right professional to meet your needs and realize your dreams is crucial.

That’s how the synergy between the owner of the penthouse displayed in these pages and the interior designer Andrea Bindini – Squassabia Group –, in collaboration with architect Cristiana Sgnaolin allowed a real personification of the residents into the design of this house.

The goal was to achieve an unconventional New Yorkstyle flat, suitable for a young couple.

Said and done! The exposed brick wall, the dark grey tones, the warm wood essences and the colour touches – dotting this modern and minimal compositions – met the owners’ expectations and dreams, turning this two-storey abode into a unique body, dressed in a contemporary look and hardly featureless.


Downstairs, the sleeping area compliments itself through the required brightness, elegance and transparency. The master bedroom, bathed in natural light and in the chromatic reflections of the clear wood tones mixed with the blue bed, is elegant and intimate.

The large walk-in closet – shielded by a sliding door with a large mirror – is marked by the wardrobes and the shoe rack with see-through doors, both lit by the LEDs that allow an overall view of the wardrobe, as in a shop window. The bedroom imprint is repeated in the master bathroom, boasting elegant furni-shings with essential and linear volumes, and paying attention to the details.


The spectacular staircase with two-tone steps – designed by the architect and enhanced by different light effects – connects the sleeping area to the living area. It leads to the bright top floor – opening on a large terrace –, which boasts the kitchen and the living room in a large open space.

In the kitchen area, stone, walnut wood and metallic doors make the environment welcoming and suggestive; the same goes for the central island and the side composition with a retractable counter to quickly make coffee, cocktails and more. In the end, there is no doubt that hospitality and conviviality give their best even in the summer outdoor lounge.

Design by architect Cristiana Sgnaolin – Andrea Bindini – Furniture supplied by Area In – Gruppo Squassabia – Photography by Michela Melotti – Written by Anna Zorzanello


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