Ostiliomobili rewrites the textures of this flat through a modern décor, on gritty and contrasting materials that are the background of a new concept.

Once upon a time, there was an important building dating back to 1600 which, among the various changes of ownership, also includes a count, namedRivola, belonging to a well-known family who at the time held an important status in the city life of Bergamo. Over the centuries, various families and therefore different owners have succeeded, while confirming – as can be seen from the comparison of the cadastral maps – that the building has no longer undergone changes in the planimetric structure from 1750 to 1950.

In short, this is what the various historical documents tell us, while what is displayed in these images is the result of the recent renovation, which set a new point in the history of this ancient building.

The furnishing project, signed by the ostiliomobili’s team, shows us a new chapter that has completely transformed the style, confirming a concept of absolute modernity, both in the choice of furniture and in the coverings that identify the various areas with firmness and a pinch of originality. The new owner, thanks to the team of experts, has been given an environment in perfect harmony with his tastes and notes of character, easily identifiable especially in the materials used, contrasting, but with a remarkable scenic effect.

Two examples: the dark-toned Statuario Black marble that adorns the whole living area, and the oak parquet laid with a geometric pattern that softens the sleeping area with its velvety notes. They both are the backdrop to the modern and essential furnishings which, starting with the open-space living area, elegantly define each environment.

The entrance opens onto the living room with a two-seater sofa and a chaise longue, overlooking the TV cabinet with an open bookcase, storage units and built-in lights.


On the side, the dining area is defined by the elegant lines of the oval table with marble top and matching armchairs.

Always in sight but with a completely dedicated area, the kitchen boasts a peninsula that seems to come out directly from the floor, thanks to the use of the same material that contrasts nicely with the brass-effect lacquering of the columns. Another chromatic contrast lies in the dark notes of the marble and in the bleached ceiling beams that call to mind the textures of the ancient building, revisited in a modern way.

A spark of colour that does not go unnoticed comes from the racing bike – the owner’s passion –, protected like a piece of jewellery on full display. A note of charm, instead, comes from the pendant lights that draw attention to the various areas with bright elegance.


Moving on to the sleeping area, the colours become softer and more delicate, with the parquet cocooning the master bedroom, where a modern oval bathtub completes the refined furnishings, enhanced by the spotlights, specifically designed to create different atmospheres.

In the master bathroom, the use of marble strikes back and customizes the environment thanks to its endless veins, both as a wall covering and in the hanging piece of furniture.

Everywhere, balance and proportions have been studied to result in beauty and wellness, confirming the happy ending of this modern story, where the play of contrasts is the beauty of the plot.

Furnishing project by ostiliomobili - Photography by Eros Mauroner - Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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