Inspired by the surrounding landscape, this abode shows us its efficiency and its ability to mix beauty and nature, in order to experience everyday life without borders.

The duo of man and nature is a great attraction that leads more and more people to leave the chaos of the city, to take refuge in a patch of greenery and sky, where you can still admire the stars since they lack the offensive patina that smog inevitably stratifies.

Whether large or small, the space to build the housethat welcomes our everyday life – and its thousand facets – represents a form of pride for those who have sought, found and customized it. In this interesting and evocative project, which stems from the synergic exchange between the customer Enrica and the architect Giuseppe Guerrieri, the main target was the balanced integration of the building into the surrounding environment.

And just look at some pictures of the exterior to realize how particular, wild and seductive is the natural surrounding that frames the project.

We are in Sicily, more precisely in the town of Scicli, where the land follows its natural slope towards the sea: a sequence of terraces enclosed by dry stone walls and planted with olive and carob trees that fade into the horizon.

This is an eco-friendly project, both from a visual point of view and concerning energy performance. The abode is a NZEB, which means “Nearly- zero-emission buildings”: it is able to independently provide for the production of energy, minimizing consumption and environmental impact, consuming very little energy for heating, cooling, producing domestic hot water, ventilation, and lighting.


The building offers large spaces, both inside and outside, with little separation, thanks to the various windows that break boundaries, inviting the changing colours of nature to enter the volumes, blending with them, in harmony with the residents.

The light and neutral colours form the backdrop to furnishings, refined and harmonious, with a few touches of colour here and there like artistic brushstrokes, and Eastern-inspired references mark the various areas.


The spaces of the house are arranged according to the geometric regularity and the equivalence of the viewpoints: the living room and the workshop overlook the courtyards to the north and the sea to the south;

this design choice gives the feeling that the landscape crosses the interior of the house. Enchanting and well-organized environments: not only a home, but also an art workshop.

And how can we not be inspired surrounded by such natural beauty?!

Project by architect Giuseppe Guerrieri - Photography by Michele Biancucci - Written by Alessandra Ferrari

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