The balanced mix of classic and modern in a Unesco World Heritage “Villa”

Built between 1544 and 1545, it is considered the youthful masterpiece of Andrea Palladio and is included in the World Heritage Sites list, that is to say, the 400 most important architectural complexes in the world. An authoritative cultural recognition awarded by UNESCO, which since 1996 has launched a project to protect all Palladian works.

The very elegant Villa Pisani Bagnolo (now Bonetti) is located in Lonigo, in the province of Vicenza.

After the intervention on the residential part – the barchessa – located inside the majestic garden, it has been turned into an exclusive relais of only 15 rooms.

Representing the excellent result of a respectful, long and patient restoration by the current owners: the automobile entrepreneur Carlo Bonetti and his wife Manuela Bedeschi – the niece of the writer Giulio Bedeschi –, former gallery owner and now a contemporary art artist.


The 40-seat gourmet restaurant called Osteria del Guà is incorporated in the barchessa too, marked by large arches. Its name is associated with the rustic origin of the building and the river that flows behind the villa, where goods once arrived by boat.

Among the other historical elements that stand out from this fascinating residence alongside the façade, there are still the large hollow blocks of Verona marble, the “Pile” – typical rice mills – as well as the ancient millstones.

Hence, a respectable country house surrounded by greenery and the silence of the countryside that encroaches upon the Scaliger territory; nevertheless, it remains convenient for its proximity to the motorway junctions. Therefore, an attractive place, also for the current needs of the business world.


The rooms and suites have been renovated, preserving the original structure and appeal.

They all overlook the large park and each has a different touch of charm and design.
Manuela Bedeschi’s contemporary artworks stand out in the shared areas, in the corridors and in the hall. They are often sculptures linked to neon words and other installations which – thanks to colours and light – invite the guest and the viewer to constructive thinking.

Villa Pisani Bonetti is a one-of-a-kind place, where the classical architecture – belonging to one of the greatest Renaissance masters – and the modern art of an attentive and sensitive owner extraordinarily coexist.


Photography by Nicoletta Diamanti – Written by Germana Cabrelle

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