From above you can look at the sky, the sea and the beach of Jesolo; from the inside, you can enjoy the comfort and the beauty of a new customized makeover.

A tower. A loft. A spectacular view of the beach, with the horizon blending into the sky and the sea. It seems a lot already, and you might not want more, but the interior reveals other fascinating scenarios for this abode which, between outdoor and indoor, has a lot to tell and will surely impress you.

We are talking about a recent makeover that has changed the look of these top floors (a loft on the 13th floor with the sleeping area, and the lower floor dedicated to the living room), making the whole habitat modern and technological, comfortable and fascinating.

This is the result of the skills and the creativity of the Genesin Casa Amica team that has been able to fully grasp and understand the owner’s wishes, making them perfectly fitting in the context together with its colours and scents.

Light colours dominate: white is combined with other nuances, matching the shades of the sea and the sky that seep in through the windows, resulting in the feeling of living in them. The open-plan living area expands, thanks to the absence of walls.

In front of the windows, there is a relaxation area with a panoramic view and an adjacent terrace, complemented with glass protection not to hinder the view, as well as equipped with a table and armchairs for additional outdoor space. The dining area also boasts a view, together with the sinuous lines of the oval table by Cassina, surrounded by white leather chairs.

The modern and technological kitchen carves out its own space, a little more private and underlined by the lowered ceiling with recessed LED lights, but still next to the dining room. It boasts a lacquered white look, expressing elegance through its linearity.


To access the sleeping area with the master suite placed on the top floor, there is a spectacular white resin staircase similar to a modern sculpture which, sinuous and light, disappears in the round opening.

The suite wants more than the ordinary perspective from the living area and majestically goes beyond, with a ceiling that breaks into the sky, where you can enjoy the infinite scenarios that the celestial vault can offer.

The decor is excellent as in the rest of the house, with the bed by Cassina that can be defined as “panoramic”, boasting an extra-large headboard in white leather, perfect on a wall covered with wallpaper that calls to mind a spring sky. To conclude, there is a sitting area with comfortable white leather sofas, facing the equipped wall that boasts a suspended modular piece of furniture, housing the TV and the minibar. The flooring is in polished concrete, unlike the living area below, which boasts oak parquet.


You can look around and everything is balanced, light and enveloping, with the sky and the sea that want to seep in. Then, facts speak for themselves, with the details, the finishes, the various ideas as well as the refined and performing solutions that make an abode a truly special place.

Interior design by Roberto and Matteo Genesin for Genesin Casa Amica – Photography by Eros Mauroner – Written by Alessandra Ferrari


• Roberto and Matteo Genesin for Genesin Casa Amica – interior project

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