Personality and attitude define the mood of this Milanese interior, designed by Braggio Arredamenti.

The hug that our home gives us every time we cross the threshold is priceless, a place where everything we love – and that a little resembles us – welcomes us in the most varied ways. A colour, a shape, a beam of light, a piece of furniture that contains a memory, a seat that envelops us, giving us a well-deserved break…

There are many features that each home can offer to make our life more comfortable; even in the least happy moments, the important thing is that each element is tailor-made. It is not fashions and trends that matter, but the needs that each of us carries, which make the difference in terms of customization and final result.

Obviously, to achieve maximum comfort in the implementation of an abode, the expertise of serious professionals is mandatory, in order to understand the customers’ needs and then translate them into volumes, making them exclusive.

In this recently built Milanese flat in an elegant estate, the interior designer Andrea BraggioBraggio Arredamenti – made the spaces vibrate with personality and charm. In agreement with the customer, he didn’t just take care of the furnishings – many of them are tailor-made –, but also rearranged the volumes to optimize spaces, including efficient systems as well.

The result is a triumph of elegance and balance that can be admired as soon as you cross the threshold, where the chromatic notes of a scenographic wallpaper cover the wall of the custom-made wardrobe, dividing the entrance from the kitchen and resulting in a comfortable dressing room.

This is the first significant hug that welcomes the residents and their guests, offering not only beauty but also a functional element, that continues to the heart of the abode…


The open-plan living area stands out, with the relaxation area well in sight but at the same time secluded; behind it, the dining area and the kitchen open up. To optimize the spaces, plasterboard works shaped the volumes, making them even more welcoming and performing, also resulting in useful, elegant and light storage units.

The design balance has been enhanced by the oak parquet that evens out the whole flooring, with its warm and neutral notes, perfect for welcoming the nuance that marks the common thread of the interiors.


Turquoise blue constellates various points of the house with design seats, sofa cushions, the vases at the entrance and, in the sleeping area, the twin dressers.

Wallpaper represents another common thread, adding charm and dynamism to refined scenarios, rich in the bestknown brands of Italian design, and complemented with original and valuable details with a strong taste, collected by the young and dynamic owner: travel memories that put the accent on project customization.

Interior design by Braggio Arredamento - Photography by Eros Mauroner - Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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