Beyond fashions, colours remain strong catalysts able to spread energy and joy, as can be seen in this furniture design that tells us an out-of-the-box story.

Once again, Lake Garda turns out to be a treasure chest of small, great, natural and concrete jewels, always fascinating and pleasant to live.

In this case, we are talking about a recently-built villa set in the fringes of the Lake Garda area, more precisely in Soiano del Lago.

A large garden with olive trees and flowers welcomed us, together with an amazing swimming pool and glazed eyes that reveal an interior design eager to cut through into the outdoors to be one of its nature.

We wanted to stay outside to enjoy the scents, but we went on, and we discovered that the charm continued… A beautiful energy welcomed us, together with the strength of colour that here and there adds exclusive accents, which not only give character to the interior design but also instil joy, making the living path elegant and bold at the same time.

The project is signed by Ostiliomobili, which created a customized mood for the young landlady, once again showing its skills to create different, versatile and impressive styles, according to one’s needs.


The atmosphere plays with colours to distinguish the various areas, sometimes in a bright way but always matching with the modern décor and its clean-cut lines.

The open-plan living area is wrapped by the large windows that let light seep in, bringing out the chromatic sparks, such as the aubergine walls of the dining area that look like velvet and wonderfully contrast with the fuchsia chairs and the minimal table.

On the other hand, the bright yellow of the kitchen background is balanced by the clean lines of the furnishings, which soften the fanciful and vigorous chromatic effect.


The use of fine wallpaper – turned into paintings in the living area and used as coverings in the sleeping area – adds personality and dynamism to the setting.

In the master suite, floral textures create oriental and intimate atmospheres that also stretch to the bathroom, which still boasts colour accents that perfectly match the context. The guest bedroom is lively and fanciful too, with a black cherry-coloured wardrobe complemented by a floral motif that emphasizes the headboard.

The Zen garden is placed in the hallway of the sleeping areas. A magic touch of sought-after sensitivity that ideally goes hand in hand with the energy that lives throughout this well-designed and customized living path, in line with the landlady’s wishes.

Interior design by Ostiliomobili – Photography by Alessandra Dosselli – Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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