This modern and panoramic villa shows us how the owners’ dreams have come true, thanks to the advice and professionalism of experts in the field.

Looking for a tailor-made house to better enjoy your daily life is not always easy. Sometimes it may take a while, between uncertainties and doubts on the precise location of “one’s nest”, on the right “tree” to feel sheltered but at the same time to enjoy a breath-taking view of the world.

The metaphor fits perfectly for the young owners of this house: first, they identified a splendid panoramic place overlooking both the hills and the suggestive Lake Iseo. Then, they continued the search to find who could imprint the right character on the house – that “certain something” – that could fully satisfy the owners’ tastes and expectations.

Thus, after some exploring in the field, they found the right feeling by relying on the professionalism of Bonomelli Arredamenti. Thanks to the several proposals of the showroom and the precious advice of the designer Oscar Bonomelli and his staff, they managed to create a beautiful and suitable mood for their new home.

A complete and exclusive intervention that included the selection of parquet floors, a chromatic balance perfected by a sophisticated lighting system and, of course, the decor: modern and classic at the same time, where simple and clean lines do not lose their warmth and intensity, creating a strongly welcoming atmosphere.


The natural light seeps in through the large panoramic windows and defines the various areas of the open-space living room: a bright and sculptural environment thanks to the bleached wooden ceilings. The view is full.

The modern kitchen and the dining area overlook a glass wall towards the garden with a swimming pool and a porch, complemented by an additional outdoor table that can be enjoyed during summer. The relaxation area – still boasting a view – is furnished with a comfortable sofa in grey fabric, combined with a TV cabinet that seems lightly hanging in front of the window.

A hallway – outlined by custom-made wardrobes – leads to the sleeping area with the various bedrooms and another multi-purpose room boasting tailor-made wardrobes, a large double-sided sofa placed in front of the window with TV cabinet, and various sports equipment.


The elegance and harmony that describe the whole house can also be found in the bathrooms, optimized with modern and linear furnishings. The only “rough” touch is in the basement that offers a distinctive wine cellar surrounded by local stone.

The new habitat shows its charm in every corner, both indoors and outdoors; all spaces are perfect to satisfy the residents’ lifestyle every day.

Interior design by Bonomelli Arredamenti – Photography by Michela Melotti – Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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