The recent makeover of a professional studio in the heart of Verona – carried out by architects Federico Cappellina and Patricia Vanderhorst – gives light and substance to a watchword that is more contemporary than ever: flexibility.

Today, in a professional environment, but not only, flexibility and adaptability are widely requested skills, which are necessary as ever.

The daily management of commitments, tasks and fast-paced rhythms becomes a priority and excellence; organizational skills are crucial in enhancing one’s expertise and achieving one’s goals.

Aware of the current meaning of the term “flexibility”, the architects Cappellina and Vanderhorsthave brought and introduced a new concept of professional studio in the dynamic city of Verona.

The office is no longer an environment with scheduled times but is the ideal location to carry out your work in peace throughout the day, surrounded by an atmosphere full of energy and relaxation.

The working environment becomes welcoming and more domestic; new sensations of physical and mental well-being invade the areas, counteracting stress and professional fatigue.

Upon entering the Veronese studio, hospitality comes to life and immediately offers a pleasant feeling of elegance: the entrance faces an open area with warm tones and a minimal style, from which two side areas branch off.


On the one hand,you go to the main office, with a meeting table, a wall equipped with brass shelves, a backlit volume and contrasting grey container columns. On the other hand, you enter a cosy living room with an upholstered sofa and a meeting table, embellished with a large golden chandelier and a wall with a lit niche in gold painted travertine.

Both settings are in turn interspersed with a practical kitchen area marked by a monolithic central island, which blends in with the rest of the convivial décor, behind the doors of a smooth black wardrobe.

Each area is open and connected; however, if necessary, large smoked mirrored sliding doors ensure privacy, enclosing the rooms as desired.


Lastly, the architects’ signature stands out in the utility rooms: not only in the minimal features of the guest and master bathrooms but also, and above all, in the bedroom. The latter was intended for a quick nap, eventually being usable even in the dark hours, when the night brings good advice and big dreams.

Project by architects Federico Cappellina & Patricia Vanderhorst - Photography by Francesco Bognin - Written by Anna Zorzanello


• Federico

Cappellina&Partners Architects

Verona – Ph.+39 333 1016060

FINEX – Supply and installation of fixtures

viale Europa 17, San Pietro di Legnago (Vr)

• Pauletti Superfici – Bathroom coverings, sanitary ware, taps and bathroom furnishings

site Pauletti Superfici: via Quattro Spade 18 B, Verona

site Pauletti srl: via Casa Zamboni 9, Arbizzano di Negrar (Vr)

• FPL Arreda srl

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