In an ancient village, the secret of this old farmhouse makeover lies in its uniqueness and singularity.

What is it? What is thatquidthat makes a creation, an object, a work of art unique? It is the virtuosity of the craftsperson – the art director Eleonora Delcarro and her staff –, who extraordinarily knows how to turn its products into exceptional items, enhancing their soul and essence.

This is what the staff at Blu srl – Eleonora Arreda® achieves when copying with a new request, creating an exclusive and unprecedented interior design. The proposed solutions are never a replica: each house expresses its own identity and character in an original quid and refined compositional uniqueness.

The ancient rural villa displayed in these pages is one example, recently renovated with a turnkey formula. This abode conveys elegance, harmony and that quid, exquisitely repeated in every room.

Different wallpapers, paintings, lighting design and details are the leitmotifs of this house that – simultaneously softly and sophisticatedly – follow one another through the different areas, covering two levels.

On the ground floor, the living area includes a large and elegant living room, surrounded by the light shades of the wallpaper which – like an evening gown – dresses the walls, matching the interiors.


Therefore, the fine decoration envelops the adjacent dining area, the stairwell and the corridor on the upper floor. Next to the living room, the kitchen develops around several sides, hiding the working/ cooking surface behind a functional raised counter; the composition achieves a balanced design between solids and voids, leading you to the sleeping area upstairs.

From the staircase – overlooking the kitchen and framed by a plate-glass parapet –, you can also enjoy glimpses and vertical perspectives.


Upstairs, the sleeping area includes the master bedroom and a guest bedroom, joint by a furnished corridor that features unique details, such as mirrors with gilded frames and ceramic vases.

The wallpaper finishes embellish the bathrooms, while the Spanish paintings complete the decor, highlighting how the selected details range from Made in Italy elements to pieces within the European borders.

Interior design by Blu srl – Eleonora Arreda® – Photography by Michela Melotti – Written by Anna Zorzanello

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