Technology and sustainability come together in a remarkable project: a house in perfect harmony with the landscape.

Cariolato Arredamenti, through its experience and professional work, tells us about the contemporary beauty of this interior path where elegance, harmony and comfort create a timeless and enveloping mood.

In an era looking for more and more innovative technology and increasingly tangible sustainability, attention to the environment and to product functionality can only result in solutions that offer brand-new interior design, concepts and architectural scenarios.

This double entrance building boasts low and clean volumes, walkways and outdoor patios in wood and stone, together with fully sustainable technology systems.

The building matches with the surrounding greenery, thanks to natural materials as well as through the insertion of several windows, resulting in absolute permeability between indoor and outdoor areas. The interior design project – managed by Cariolato Arredamenti’s staff – took advantage of the bright visual continuity, thus creating modern and consistent living settings.


We can clearly perceive the connection between the rooms in the spacious living area, boasting soughtafter colour combinations with black lime and matt grey lacquered furnishings.

On the one side, the refined kitchen with island and wall units; on the other side, a composition with the same finish, next to the living room. This combination strikes back in the study, enhancing the whole context.


In the sleeping area, the design creativity of Cariolato Arredamenti is also expressed through the creation of special wardrobes: a double-sided one stands out, acting as a partition wall. The vertical milling finish hides the openings of the doors; the volumes become light, fully complementing the two environments: the two doors can be closed if necessary, making the setting even more private and intimate.

Interior design by Cariolato Arredamenti - Photography by Eros Mauroner - Written by Anna Zorzanello


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