The charm of Lake Garda suggests the installation of modern and pure lines for a dynamic environment in perfect harmony with the young couple who live there.

It will be the scent of the proximate lake or the large windows that break the boundaries and expand the volumes, making them plastic and mat-ching the concept of lightness… The result is concrete poetry that fits perfectly into the landscape and matches the customers’ tastes.

A young couple who entrusted their wishes to the experience and creative flair of Casa& Giardino_design, a team of expert architects and designers. Led by Sergio Besozzi, It took care of the whole interior project, optimizing every detail in excellent harmony with its residents.

The strength of the housing path is the direct connection with the large terrace, which turns into a priceless outdoor living room during summer, thanks to the large windows that let your gaze wander outside the domestic walls and give lightness to all environments. The oak wood parquet floo-ring contrasts with the vertical accents of the doors – made of the same essence – and with some walls decorated with Marmorino technique in the background, such as behind the sofa in the living area and behind the headboard in the master bedroom.

The sitting room, the living room and the kitchen lightly kiss each other, standing out elegantly and with personality through chromatic and highly-tactile touches, which warm up the mi-nimal volumes, making them cosy. Enchanting geometries also play a leading role, not going unnoticed.

The Skorpio Keramik table by Cattelan Italia matches the original oval-shape of the coffee table, placed over the soft textures of the modern carpet.


The spherical Apollo ceiling lamp by Cattelan Italia fills the space with cheerful reflections. The teal blue velvet armchairs are elegant, sinuous and jaunty, standing out in a space with rather neutral colours.

Light is the main character and is tasked to give each area dynamism and beauty, enhancing both the materials and the lines of the décor, partly signed by major brands, partly tailor-made and based on a design by the Casa& Giardino_design team. When the daylight goes out, a sophisticated and detailed ligh-ting system ensures the right atmosphere in every room and for every occasion.

The landlord – who deals with electrical systems – put his heart into this project too, choosing the finest elements and focusing particularly on highlights and shadows.


Moving on to the sleeping area, there is another vertical reference in the master bedroom, thanks to the greenish wall, always boasting Marmorino technique that perfectly marries the Natural wooden double bed by Twils.

The house is equipped with every comfort and boasts a home automation system and a photovoltaic system that make it performing and in step with the times in terms of energy savings. Wherever you turn your gaze, the perception is of total beauty: modern and classic, a delight that goes beyond time and fashions.

Interior design and furniture supplied by Casa&Giardino_design Photography by Michela Melotti Written by Alessandra Ferrari


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