Designed on staggered decks, this yacht surprisingly creates new spaces on board.

Perfect for a contemporary owner looking for a convivial context close to the sea, the new Trideck has been designed in the name of flexibility.

This yacht boasts staggered decks to offer an unprecedented interpretation of the on-board areas, even creating brand-new spaces.

The project was carried out by a consolidated team, consisting of the designers Alberto Mancini for the exteriors, Achille Salvagni for the interiors and Pierluigi Ausonio for the hull.

Under a design point of view, the greatest achievement was to create a yacht with a semi-planing hull, up to six cabins and a sun deck, all under 300 GT in volume.

Alberto Mancini directed the design of Trideck, while guaranteeing light and dynamic exterior lines. Thanks to the insertion of a “mezzanine” staggered deck at the stern – the Sea View Terrace –, new and wider spaces appear.

This is the “+ One” principle, a new design concept and a symbol of Azimut Yachts’ innovation. The feature results in four cascading terraces onto the sea, all different according to their purpose, size and flexibility.


We can feel the layout innovation right from the first step on board.

Trideck welcomes you through a central staircase, leading to the Sea View Terrace.

That’s exactly this “mezzanine” bridge that creates a sequence of four cascading terraces, descending from above, down to the sea level, and with their own specific functions: the Sun Deck, the Dining Terrace, the Sea View Terrace, and the Beach Area.

Access to the lounge from the private patio is smooth and effortless.

This area is airy and bright, thanks to the floor-toceiling windows and the walls livened by glossy mahogany elements, which enhance its elegance. Without the traditional formal dining area, the lounge is set up to facilitate conviviality.

The owner’s suite on the main deck boasts large windows and is conceptually divided into different spaces, starting from the lobby/dressing area at the entrance.

The main material is Tay wood that contrasts with polished mahogany. The floor is in Cardoso stone.

The formal dining area is located on the upper deck. However, formal does not mean conventional since it was designed as a multi-purpose area.


Grande Trideck’s first test recorded a maximum speed of 24 knots, a range of 700 miles at 19 knots, and its autonomy is over 1700 miles at a cruising speed of 12 knots.

Its autonomy is over 1700 miles at a cruising speed of 12 knots.

Emanuele Donald Zenoni

Emanuele Donald Zenoni

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