New classic inspirations contaminated with an industrial mood, together with a tribute to the historical identity of the place. A

An unprecedented workspace conceived as a house opens in Milan, the representative office of a well-known Venetian company.

Metamorphosis of a workspace conceived as a home environment. In Milan, we tell the story of the future already present inside a building from the early 20th century, where the dearest decorative elements to the classical era stand out, interacting with the former cellars-warehouses renewed in a minimal industrial style.

A two-year project signed by the interior designer Marta Paganotto – art director of Moodesignacademy –, who was able to contemplate the genius loci of the place, bringing it back to light and returning it in shapes and colours, symbols and materials to a new destination.

A considerable commitment that underlines the strong understanding between the customer, the designer and the companies, committed to giving the new space a strong sense of identity and belonging for its residents. All this by reconciling the cult of beauty with the passion for designand craftsmanship excellence of the companies that have collaborated to adorn the rooms, illuminate them and make them climatefriendly with the latest generation of technological systems.

Today, in the new interiors, the setting brings together a private suite on the main floor to accommodate the company’s customers, created with the use of classic framed wainscoting that coexists withmodern slat panels, as well as chests that reveal functional areas, precious textiles, damask wallpaper, memorable contemporary furnishings and a floor that reinterprets the herringbone pattern in a modern key.


From the entrance sitting room, the visitor’s step is attracted by the alluringelement of the jewel chandelier, installed on the stairwell, which leads you to discover the authentic atmosphere of the basement. The frame of this creative development is a careful design of the lighting scenarios and the choice of lighting fixtures that create suggestive moments of contemplation and strongly enhance the highly-tactile elements, which stand out in the open space.

The leitmotifs are the arched elements with exposed bricks repainted in white, declined in the vaults and passages, and interrupted by bright walls, texturedplaster, vertical green accents and iron windows that mark the sharing spaces between the kitchen area and the living area, also boasting a tasting corner with a wine-library. From the choice of materials to the excellent workmanship, the project is cared for in every detail.


The shared areas of the headquarters boast a strong personality and character, created through a language of pure shapes and sober colours that call to mind the elegance of another era.

The interior designer Marta Paganotto said: “Starting from the desires of those who live in a shared space, we worked on a business environment close to the comfort of home. We also included custom furnishings and everything needed to promote relaxation: beauty, understood as a way of doing things well, and the harmony that comes from an imperceptible complexity. Shades of a timeless concept.”

Project by interior designer Marta Paganotto - Photography by Michela Melotti


• Marta Paganotto – Interior Designer and art director of Moodesignacademy

Via Zamboni 24, Verona



• MODO+ – Furniture

Via Fontego 10, San Pietro in Cariano (Vr) – Phone. 045 6831568


• Roberto Conato Interior e product Designer – Supply chain management.

Via delle Pasque Veronesi 8, Bovolone (Vr) – Phone. 393 3056677


• Furnishing proposals – Supply and installation of wall coverings, curtains and decorative cushions.

Via Col. G. Fincato 86, Verona – Phone. 045 525068


• Barboni Parquet – Wooden floors

Via Chiesa 21, Nogara (Vr) – Phone. 335 5422885



• Fattori Srl – Redevelopment masonry works, plasterboard, painting and decorations.

Via Madonna Pellegrina 59/A, San Bonifacio (Vr)


• Gest Impianti – Design and construction of a hybrid air conditioning system

Via dell’Artigianato 3/5, Novate Milanese (Mi) – Phone. 02 366 84 711


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