In the Paduan countryside, a contemporary design villa has favoured functionality without giving up the pleasure of a touch of glamour.

Tidiness is everything in a house, especially if it is inhabited by adults with children. Modular walls, walk-in wardrobes and multi-purpose wainscoting are welcome, for a perimeter aimed at favouring the lively and liveable space and enhancing the lines of the furnishings.

This villa in the Paduan countryside announces its confident airiness already from the living room on the ground floor. The tactile combination of concrete and wood – spreading a great feeling of warmth everywhere – plays a leading role in contemporary design.

They also opted for the brightness of glass and windows to establish a constant dialogue between inside and outside. Also note the partitions that incorporate the appliances in an open space imprint.

Above all, and this is the strong point, tailor-made storage furniture and dividing elements based on a sartorial concept have been commissioned to Arte Brotto, to preserve the stylistic coherence.

The light wooden floor contrasts with the full essence of the cocktail and bookcase cabinet, but the effect is a harmonious and well-sized whole. The Rose Chair by Masanori Umeda for Edra with its soft and comfortable red petals stands out to intersperse and decompose the chromatic unicum.

The kitchen, located on the same level, is a parallelepiped in white Carrara marble, easy to prepare meals.


The rear sideboard, with wall units and fridge cabinet, contains tableware, ingredients, and provisions.The meeting between the architect and the furniture company resulted in an immediate definition of the goal: creating an elegant and functional decor that would divide the large living area.

Arte Brotto has thus developed a completely customized solution: containment wainscoting made with an anthracite grey finish that reveals the natural grain of the wood, developed in wardrobes and modules of various sizes.

The interiors of the wainscoting match with some furnishing elements of the living area, becoming not only a covering but also a partition wall and a passage door.


Thanks to this custom design, the whole abode takes on a well-kept, organized and composed look.

The sleeping area follows the same design input, with the finish used for the wainscoting of the living space. The result is a real wooded walk-in closet, consistent with all the furnishings of the house, boasting aluminium profiles combined with a particular reflective glass.

In the arrangement of the decor, Arte Brotto has complied with the customers’ needs, working with tailor-made elements to optimize all the areas of the different rooms. The tactile dialogue is therefore continuous and conveys elegance with long-lasting quality.

Photography by Stefano Scatà for Arte Brotto - Written by Germana Cabrelle


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